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GroundGrabba PoleGrabba to hold your poles in place

Spring Loaded PoleGrabba (Pack Of Six)

Spring Clip That Grips Your poles Locking your Shade and Guy Ropes in



Socket Driver & Drill Bit Set

$15.98 $13.98

Sale! GroundGrabba Ultimate pack with dozens of groundgrabbas and accessories. GroundGrabba screw in tent peg sand peg ground anchors

Ultimate Pack

Massive 35% Off RRP. Ragged Mountain Ranges to Fine Soft Sandy Beaches

$706.30 $459.00

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Sale! GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II Tentopolis Pack screw in tent pegs screw in sand pegs heavy duty drill driven made of carbon heat treated steel

Outback Pack

30% OFF RRP! For Aussie tough go anywhere camping

$526.00 $369.00

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Sale! GroundGrabba Pop Up Pack Heavy Duty Screw in tent pegs drill driven steel galvanised set of four GroundGrabba Pro's and Four HexHook Pro's

Pop-Up Shade Pack

Perfect for your pop up use with hooks if you adapt these to guy ropes.

$67.92 $61.99

Sale! GroundGrabba Playa Pack heavy duty screw in tent pegs drill driven made of heat treated steel maximum grip in a set of ten GroundGrabba Pro and ten HexHook Pro's and a carry-all bag

Dubbo Pack

FREE BAG valued at $49.99. Perfect to quickly and securely peg down your tent or pop up with guy ropes too.

$219.79 $169.80

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GroundGrabba Pro II with dimensions worlds best heavy duty screw in tent peg and sand beach peg ground anchor that is drill driven

GroundGrabba Pro II

600mm long. Excellent for anchoring large tarps and canopies even in sand.


GroundGrabba pro heavy duty steel screw in tent peg unbreakable drill driven

GroundGrabba Pro

300mm long for normal to hard ground anchoring


GroundGrabba-Lite-screw-in-ground-anchor-tent-peg-stake loose-ground-soft-sand-glass -reinforced-nylon-orange

GroundGrabba Lite

400mm long made for soft & loose grounds


3 GroundGrabba HexHook Pro's to adapt to GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II and also to Lag Bolts

HexHook Pro

Hook plate for securing ropes and tensioners to GroundGrabba Pro or Pro II


10mm x 300mm masonry drill bit Product Shot

Tungsten Tipped Masonry Drill Bit

10mm x 300mm for drilling pilot holes into hard ground


GroundGrabba 19mm Hex driver socket to screw your Pegs into the ground with your drill

Medium Duty Hex Driver

19mm Hex Driver for drill use to drive-in your GroundGrabba's. Also popular for caravans.


GroundGrabba screw in tent pegs carry all bag suitable to carry the 600mm long GroundGrabba Pro II Ultimate screw in sand peg

GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag II

Strong Quality 750mm in length to carry all your GroundGrabba's and accessories.


GroundGrabba Carry-ALL Bag to fit GroundGrabba Lite and GroundGrabba Pro

GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag

Strong Quality 400mm in length to fit your GG Lite's, Pro's and accessories.


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The best wind gust-resistant alternative to traditional tent pegs, stakes and rebar!